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Performance Histories: March 13, 2001

The Colorado College Department of Theatre and Dance presents


Monitor Lizards

Conceived and choreographed by Cathy Weis
Performers: Scott Heron and Cathy Weis, with members of the DA325: Dance and Technology class


The Dunking Booth

Performers: Cathy Weis, Scott Heron, and Alexis Roberts
Video: Steve Hamilton


Half & Half
Performers: Alexis Roberts and Mary Tam
Music composition Neil Diamond
Performers: Ryan Anderson and Flannery Hysjulien
Music composition: Newman


Performers: Angela DaBorde and Mary Tam
Music composition: Ussachevsky
Performers: Ryan Anderson, Flannery Hysjulien, Alexis Roberts, and Alana Savoir
Music composition: David Lang

Both Half & Half and Light were created in collaboration with the performers during DA325



Performers: Scott Heron and Cathy Weis
Music composition: Gorecki


A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad

Performers: Scott Heron and Cathy Weis
Music composition: Zeena Parkins


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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