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Sundays on Broadway

Sundays on Broadway is a treasure-trove series curated by Cathy Weis at WeisAcres, her loft in SoHo in one of those buildings still occupied by artists, like some sort of nature preserve.” (Artforum)

Please see the calendar for upcoming events.

In 2003, Weis started The Salon Series, a performance-based series in which she presented work to small, invited audiences. Over the course of its 10-year run, she began to envision a program with a larger scope, a broader audience and a more diverse roster of artists.

Drawing inspiration from the history of her building at 537 Broadway, a veritable Bateau Lavoir of the 1970s and 80s, where Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kubota, Simone Forti, Yoshi Wada, Davidson Gigliotti, Elaine Summers, Jean Dupuy and George Maciunas lived and worked, Cathy Weis Projects launched Sundays on Broadway in May 2014. These one-night-only events bring both luminaries and newcomers of Downtown performance art face to face, sometimes quite literally, with the audience. From curators to stage managers, performers to videographers, Sundays on Broadway is a place for “some of the sharpest minds in downtown performance (to) toss ideas around” (New York Times), test out new material and discuss the inner dealings of their work and processes.

Since its inception, Sundays on Broadway has presented the work of dozens of choreographers, filmmakers, performers, musicians and visual artists in the unique setting of WeisAcres. Robert Greskovic of the Wall Street Journal writes that “…while the atmosphere evokes New York in the 1970s, the artistry on view feels up to the minute.”

Past participants include:

Mike Albo
Nikki Appino
Charles Atlas
Laurel Atwell
Lauren Bakst
Laura Bartczak
Seline Baumgartner
Oren Baynoy
Laurie Berg
Carolyn Brown
Jon Burris
Justin Cabrillos
David Cale
Wally Cardona
Gary Chryst
Yoshiko Chuma
Christen Clifford
Emily Climer
Gregory Corbino
Marc Crousillat
Clare Dolan
Walter Dundervill
Douglas Dunn
Ursula Eagly
Christine Elmo
Blaze Ferrer
Ellen Fisher
Dana Florin-Weiss
Simone Forti
Fast Forward
Miriam Gabriel
Patrick Gallagher
Keely Garfield
Christoph Gielen
Davidson Gigliotti
Lily Gold
Neil Goldberg
Neil Greenberg
Mimi Gross
Carolyn Hall
Steve Hamilton
Samuel Hanson
Northern Harmony
Patricia Hoffbauer
K.J. Holmes
Ishmael Houston-Jones
Dan Hurlin
Maddie Irmen
Nikima Jagudajev
John Jasperse
John Jesurun
Burr Johnson
Sarah East Johnson
Eva Karczag
Pooh Kaye
Fumi Kikuchi
Jon Kinzel
Andrea Kleine
Doug LeCours
Daniel Lepkoff
Sarah Lifson
Melanie Maar
Diane Madden
Athena Malloy
Luis Lara Malvacias
Juliette Mapp
Julie Martin
Bessie McDonough-Thayer
Yvonne Meier
Jodi Melnick
Magda San Millan
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Monson
Dean Moss
Richard Move
Julie Atlas Muz
Iki Nakagawa
Jeremy Nelson
Lisa Nelson
Edie Nightcrawler
Mina Nishimura
Alexander Ortega
Nicky Paraiso
Miriam Parker
Zeena Parkins
Aileen Passloff
Jimena Paz
Wendy Perron
Jeremy Pheiffer
Jessica Pretty
Ambika Raina
Yvonne Rainer
Gabrielle Revlock
Johnatan Rezende
Sara Rudner
Leslie Satin
Moe Satt
Augustin Schang
Sophie Schapiro
Maddie Schimmel
Lucy Sexton
Vicky Shick
Sakura Shimada
Stuart Shugg
Sally Silvers
Paul Singh
Stephanie Skura
Allegra Fuller Snyder
David Thomson
Adrienne Truscott
Saori Tsukada
Carlos Antonio Villanueva
Connor Voss
Kathy Wasik
Ashley Renee Watkins
Edisa Weeks
Meg Weeks
Cathy Weis
Kathy Westwater
William Whitener
Christopher Williams
Marilyn Maywald Yahel
Ami Yamasaki
Kota Yamazaki
Yasuko Yokoshi

Past Shorties participants include:

Emily Climer
Douglas Dunn
Christine Elmo
Patrick Gallagher
Maddie Irmen
Eva Karczag
Fumi Kikuchi
Jon Kinzel
Luis Lara Malvacias
Dustin Maxwell
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Monson
Wendy Perron
Vicky Shick
Ashley Renee Watkins
Cathy Weis

“New York has other such opportunities for dance makers…but none that combine intimacy and formality, and being attuned to the present and the past, quite like Sundays on Broadway.” (New York Times)

For a full listing of past and upcoming events, please click here.




Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


©Cathy Weis 2023

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