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Performance Histories: February 16-26, 2005

Dance Theater Workshop presents


Cathy Weis Projects
For Meyer Braiterman and Simone Forti<

Conceived and directed by Cathy Weis
All works created by Cathy Weis in collaboration with the performers


A Bad Spot Hurts Like Mad(2001)

Performers: Scott Heron and Jennie Liu
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Music: Zeena Parkins
Video: Cathy Weis
Set: Clare Dolan
Costumes: Scott Heron and Kelly Horrigan
Props: Phil Marden

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Electric Haiku: Calm As Custard (World Premiere)

Performers: Scott Heron, Diane Madden, Jennifer Miller, and Cathy Weis
With appearances by Jonathan Berger, Geoffrey Nosach and Elizabeth Ward
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Live Sound: Steve Hamilton
Video: Cathy Weis
Costumes: Scott Heron, Kelly Horrigan, Danny Michaelson, and Howlpop
Set and Puppet: Alessandra Nichols
TV Cradle: Geoffrey Nosach

Haiku 1…A Fakeloo Artist
Performed by Scott Heron

Haiku 2…Fluid Heads to Death
Performed by Jennifer Miller and Cathy Weis

Haiku 3…Larruped but not Fried
Performed by Cathy Weis

Haiku 4…A Hoopla
Performed by Scott Heron

Haiku 5…Mysterious Forces That Bind
Performed by Diane Madden

Haiku 6…Flummoxed
Performed by Scott Heron, Diane Madden, Jennifer Miller, and Cathy Weis with Steve Hamilton


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


©Cathy Weis 2024

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