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Performance Histories: October 27, 1997

Bennington College presents


Gravity Twins

for Miriam

Created by Cathy Weis in collaboration with performers
Performers: Scott Heron, Susannah Keebler, Jennifer Monson, Elizabeth Ward, Cathy Weis, and Tace Wilson
Sound Design: Weis, with additional sound from Larry Wineland, Chungking Express and other movies
Video: Weis
Tire Construction: Alan Del Vecchio
Screen Construction: Steve Esbach
Pupa Costume: Sue Rees
Twin Costume: Danny Michaelson
Rigging: Steve Espach
Set: Sue Rees
Lighting: Michael Giannitti
Sound: Sue Poulin
Assistant right hand): Martha Morgan
Dance Assistant left hand): Agnes Benoit
Stage Manager: Jeanna Harnden
Ground Crew: Erica Carson, Leah Walsh, Cori Olinghouse, Nissa Wilson, Jessie Olson


Grounded Solo
Performer: Tace Wilson


Performers: Susannah Keebler and Elizabeth Ward


- intermission -


Falling Up

The Twins
Performers: Scott Heron and Cathy Weis

The Pupabr/> Performer: Jennifer Monson


Thanks: Meg Cottam, Lionel Popkin, Ferd Weis, Sally Bein, Bennington, Dana Reitz, Susan Sgorbatti, Terry Creach, Peggy Florin, Ruben Puenteduro, Tony Carruthers, Jay Knapp, Michelle Distel, Philly Debout

Special thanks: the cast, the crew, Agnes, Jeanna, Scott and Martha

Gravity Twins is a work in progress. Originating during the fall term at Bennington College, this performance evening will be developed over the next few months and then will be premiered in NYC at the Kitchen February 5-8, 1998. Please join us there. It was a joy for me to work with this very special cast and crew. - Cathy Weis


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


©Cathy Weis 2021

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