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Performance Histories: October 16, 1995

Movement Research at the Judson Church presents


Two new works-in-progress by Karen Nelson and Cathy Weis


Performance sketches ( Fractured, Just The Fracts Ma’am precursor)

by Cathy Weis


Piece #1

Performers: Jennifer Miller, Cathy Weis, Audrey Kindred, Sarah East Johnson, Tanya Gagne, and Scott Heron


Piece #2

Performers: Jennifer Monson and Cathy Weis
Technical Director: Andrew Perret
Technical Assistant: Severn Clay
Lighting: Sue Poulin
Music: Once Upon A Time In the West by David Fulton and Chris Cochrane
Video: Aunt Irene

- pause -

"nomad damu"
A dance improvisation

Directed and scored by Karen Nelson
Assistant: Scott Smith
Performers: Cornelia Blattler, Elgin Clausen, Nadia Cusimano, Hannu Huuskonenen, Karen Nelson, Ashley Russell, and Scott Smith

Inspired by Lisa Nelson and her work with perceptual improvisation.


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


©Cathy Weis 2021

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