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Performance Histories: February 5-8, 1998

The Kitchen presents

Gravity Twins
Mysterious forces that bind

For Miriam

by Cathy Weis
in collaboration with the performers

Set Design: Sue Rees
Lighting Design: 1st half by Sue Poulin / 2nd half by Michael Giannitti
Sound Design: Steve Hamilton
Stage Manager: Janet Clancy
Video by: Cathy Weis
Editing by: Weis & Hamilton
Costumes by: Sue Rees and Danny Michaelson


Twins #1

twin 1: Anne Iobst
twin 2: Jennifer Miller

Twins #2

twin 1: Ishmael Houston-Jones
twin 2: Jennifer Monson

- intermission -

Twins #3

twin 1: Scott Heron
twin 2: Cathy Weis
and Jennifer Monson as “The Chrysalis”


Thanks: Meg Cotton, Lionel Popkin, Ferd Weis, Sally Bein, Benn. College, Dana Reitz, Susan Sgorbetti, Terry Creach, Peggy Florin, Rubin Puenteduro, Barry Bartlett, Tony Carruthers, Jay Knapp, Susannah Keebler, Elizabeth Ward, Tace Williams, Martha Morgan, Anges B

Special thanks: Lynn Kable


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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