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Performance Histories: February 23, 1997

Museum of Modern Art - Prague, Czech Republic presents


Cathy Weis with Jennifer Miller


Dawn of the Magicians


New York Video/Choreographer Cathy Weis Brings Cowgirls to Prague

For the past few years New York artist Cathy Weis and Prague collaborator Michael Bielicky have crossed borders via the Internet to Weis’ live performances on the stage at the Kitchen Center for Video, Music and Dance in New York. In February Weis comes to Prague to perform at the Museum of Modern Art with the amazing, untamable and unpredictable performer Jennifer Miller, and to explore further the methodology she and Bielicky have developed at the Art Institute.

Weis has been awarded a collaborative projects grant from ArtsLink and a travel grant from the Dance Theater Workshop Suitcase Fund to conduct a month-long exploration with Bielicky and his collaborators and students in Prague. She will arrive in Prague on January 29th, and will begin work at the Art Institute.

Weis will be performing with longtime collaborator Jennifer Miller, well-known in New York as Founder and Director of the outrageous and hilarious Circus Amok. The two women will perform at the museum on February 23rd, premiering in Prague three pieces they have created in New York over the past two seasons: Cowgirls, Half & Half and Straight Jacket. A final piece on the program is planned to be a continued exploration of the Internet project.


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