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Performance Histories: February 11, 2000

Franklin Furnace

The History of the Future: Global Art presents

  Cathy Weis, Tehching Hsieh and Julia Heyward


A Lecture on Walking
by Cathy Weis


13-year performance
by Tehching Hsieh


Mood Music
by Julia Heyward


From the brochure: The great appeal of performance art — and of art on the internet — is interactivity. I miss performance art. the smell of the grease paint, the roar of the crowd, now that Franklin Furnace is presenting live art to a worldwide audience through electronic means. On the other hand, by watching these shows, you are participating in a global phenomenon, and these artists are broadcasting their ideas to a mass audience — a goal that has been held dear since the Futurists pumped out manifestoes, magazines, public performances, fashion, and even choreographed ballet with airplanes. I believe the internet is that convergent art medium that the century has spent itself looking for, and this tool will provide access to avant-garde art to “downtown” audiences spread albeit thinly) all over the globe.


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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