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Performance Histories: December 19-22, 1991

Performance Space 122 presents


Lisa Nelson and Cathy Weis


An Abondanza in the Air

Concept, performance, camera, editing, sound and lighting by Lisa Nelson and Cathy Weis
TV Design and construction: David G. Pennington and David Hunter
Technical Direction: David Herrigel


Appearing throughout the soundtrack are bits from various notable sources including Maritzio Kagel and Monie Love. We invite you to ask about other sound sources after the performance.

Special thanks to Bennington College Dance Department, Jennifer Miller, David Hurwith, Eva Lawrence, Barbara Roan, Aaron Preston, Lauren Wheeless, Felice Wolfzahn, Craig.Wedren, K.J. Holmes and Scott Smith.

The collaborative work of Lisa Nelson and Cathy Weis dates back to the 1973 environmental multi-media epic The Green Dream performed in a turn-of-the-century mansion in North Bennington, Vermont. Workshopped at the Residency Project of Movement Research, Inc. in NYC in 1990, An Abondanza in the Air has been presented in-progress in diverse spaces including the Room Dances Festival in Israel, and the Center for New Dance Development in Holland.


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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