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Performance Histories: April 26, 1997

Bennington College Martha Hill Dance Workshop presents


An Abondanza In The Air

Concept, performance, camera, editing, sound and light design by Lisa Nelson & Cathy Weis
TV design and construction by David G. Pennington and David Hunter


Appearing throught the soundtrack are bits from various notable sources including Mauritzio Kagel and Monie Love. We invite you to ask about other sound sources after the performance.

Special thanks to everybody in the Dance Division, and to Tony Carruthers.

Drawing on 20 odd years of both collaborative and independent work in dance performance and video, Nelson and Weis have been developing the form of videodance puppetry that is at the root of An Abundanza in the Air. Working together on and off since they met as students at Bennington in 1966, they began developing An Abundanza in the Air in 1989 in response to an invitation to perform by Benningon in New York at the Twining Gallery. The piece has evolved over the past 8 years, performed in various incarnations at dance and media venues and festivals in N.Y.C., Holland, Israel and Germany. They are grateful for the few times they have workshopped this pieces, as they are now, in Benningon’s remarkable facilities, and they suspect they may almost have finished it this time.

An Abundanza in the Air has received support from Videoda, a project of Contact Collaborations Inc., and the Residency Project of Movement Research Inc. in N.Y.C.


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


©Cathy Weis 2021

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