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September 27, 2015: Yasuko Yokoshi

6:00 pm

537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012

Free admission

Film Screening of Hangman Takuzo by Yasuko Yokoshi

The title of the film, Hangman Takuzo, is name of the Japanese performance artist who hangs himself everyday from a tree in his garden. Directed by choreographer Yasuko Yokoshi, the film features three legendary Japanese performance artists. In addition to Hangman, Namiko Kawamura, a lifelong practitioner of meditative walking, and Hangman’s partner Mika Kurosawa, widely known as “the godmother of contemporary dance,” make an appearance. The work is semi fake, semi real, cinéma vérité style where their daily art practice takes place with candid conversations between Hangman and his partner Mika. Yasuko Yokoshi will discuss the film following the screening.

Images from Hangman Takuzo are part of Yokoshi's new dance project ZERO ONE which will be presented at Danspace Project from September 24–26.

Still from "Hangman Takuzo" by Yasuko Yakoshi

Still from "Hangman Takuzo" by Yasuko Yakoshi



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537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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