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November 22, 2015: Cathy Weis and Juliette Mapp

6:00 pm

537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012

Free admission

Shared program with Cathy Weis and Juliette Mapp

Cathy Weis will present Jury Duty, a solo from her evening-length work Electric Haiku: Calm as Custard. In this work from 2005, Weis dances and tells personal stories. Her image is recorded by two cameras and projected live, creating a layered narrative of moving and merging images.

Juliette Mapp will show excerpts from a new evening-length work titled Luxury Rentals. The work deals with the emotional and economic repercussions that many artists are contending with as their neighborhoods rapidly undergo gentrification. The work will feature Levi Gonzalez, Mapp, Kayvon Pourazar, Cathy Weis and Dana Florin-Weiss .

Jury Duty  Photo: Richard Termine

Jury Duty
Photo: Richard Termine

Photo: Ken Jareke

Photo: Ken Jareke



Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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