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November 12, 2017: A shared evening with Neil Greenberg, John Jasperse, Moe Satt

6:00 pm


Left: John Jasperse, photo by: Viktor Kronbauer; Center: Moe Satt;  Right: Neil Greenberg, photo by: Maggie Picard

Left: John Jasperse, photo by: Viktor Kronbauer; Center: Moe Satt; Right: Neil Greenberg, photo by: Maggie Picard

Neil Greenberg (dance) and James Lo (music) will perform a solo study for a new work, continuing Neil's quixotic search for an experience of the performance moment in and of itself.

John Jasperse will share some material from current work in the studio.  “Over the years, I have repeatedly questioned why, given all the madness of the world that we inhabit, I find myself again and again, in an empty room, moving my cells around, trying to place something so fleeting as a dance into the void of the room and the world.  Is it the force of habit, hubris, solipsism, or trust that drives this quest?  Perhaps the challenges of the current moment have intensified the imperative to understand some answer to these and other questions that have been lingering in the air of late, lurking in the recesses of my mind and the studio.”

In F n’ F Moe Satt explores formal relationships between the face and fingers, achieving 108 combinations: hands that cover the face like a mask; gestures that represent blossoms (a memory from his childhood); a gun sign that plays with differences in meaning when the fingers are pointed to his head and outwards. In Asian cosmology, the sacred number 108 signifies, among many things: 108 sensorial feelings, 108 earthly temptations, 108 questions posed to Buddha, 108 Ayurvedic pressure points, 108 t’ai chi martial moves, and 108 bell chimes to usher the new year.


All Sundays on Broadway events begin at 6:00 pm. Doors open at 5:45 pm at WeisAcres. Keep in mind, this is a small space. Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

Sundays on Broadway events are free and open to the public.

Artists' bios:

Neil Greenberg is a choreographer, dancer, and educator, perhaps best known for his Not-About-AIDS-Dance, which employs his use of projected text as a layering strategy that provides doors into “meanings” in the dance while raising questions about the nature of meaning-making.  His most recent project, This, continues his interest in the move away from representation toward an experience of the performance moment in and of itself.  He teaches at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, The New School.

John Jasperse is a NYC-based dance artist. Since 1989 his work has been presented in over 25 US cities and 29 countries. Under the aegis of John Jasperse Projects, he has created 17 evening-length works as well as numerous commissions for companies including Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project, Batsheva Dance Company, and Lyon Opera Ballet. He is the recipient of many awards and fellowships including a 2014 Doris Duke Artist Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship and two Bessie awards (2014 and 2001). Jasperse is co-founder of CPR—Center for Performance Research and is the Director of Dance at Sarah Lawrence College.

Moe Satt works as an artist (performance art), curator, and festival organizer. Upon receiving his B.S. in Zoology from East Yangon University in 2005, he embarked on a career as an artist. He was quickly recognized for his work as a performance artist during a period when most artists in Myanmar employed the practice of performance in defiance of strict government restrictions on free expression. In 2008, Mr. Satt founded and organized Beyond Pressure, an international festival of performance art that ran over seven years and provided a critical platform for Burmese and other Asian artists to present work to audiences in Yangon and Mandalay. Additionally, Mr. Satt has curated exhibitions in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, and his work has been included in several important exhibitions in Asia. In 2015, he was a finalist for the Hugo Boss Asia Art Award.


Sundays at 6pm


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New York, NY 10012


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