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May 7, 2023: K.J. Holmes + dustin maxwell + Anat Shamgar

6:00 pm
Images from left: K.J. Holmes courtesy of the artist; dustin maxwell, still from video by Benedicte Espiri; Anat Shamgar by Natasha Shakhnes

Images from left: K.J. Holmes courtesy of the artist; dustin maxwell, still from video by Benedicte Espiri; Anat Shamgar by Natasha Shakhnes

Sundays on Broadway presents an evening of performances by K.J. Holmes, dustin maxwell and Anat Shamgar.

This year, to ensure that everyone has a spot to sit, we ask that you please reserve your place online. To do so, follow this link:

K.J. Holmes will perform Lateral Riff, a duet with the spirits of the words, images, and music garnered through researching the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music and avant jazz, studying etymologies and origins, and being a decades-long improviser listening to and sounding the interior of body, space, and time, making the invisible visible, constructed and transposed as landscape and poetics.

About his work This Cacophonic Body, dustin maxwell writes, “I am an echo of the past and the world around me. Who is the self but a panoply of other? And when this cacophonic body crumbles, who am I then? Can you tell that I used to be a good dancer? This is a continuation of my explorations in death, and invisible forces. The thing is a hawkish nose and a broken heart, and this is not the thing.”

SOLO, by Anat Shamgar, is part of a recent body of works called Plateau Stories, created in collaboration with sound artist, musician, and performer Tom Soloveitzik. In all of these works, Shamgar deals with time as space, movement as thought, and sound as material. The artists share a passion for silence, the aesthetics of reduction, and the practice of attentiveness. The separation between sound and image serves as a starting point for their aim to create a state of separate being and attuned cohabitation, a multilayered space for the ways we color echoes or vibrate in one another’s presence, becoming partners on one journey.

Sundays on Broadway
6:00 p.m. - doors open at 5:45 p.m.
at WeisAcres, 537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012

$10 suggested donation
Vaccine card required at door.
Masks encouraged during event.

Artists' Bios:

Dance artist K.J. Holmes travels nationally and internationally teaching and performing at universities, festivals, and unexpected venues. She has performed/collaborated with Simone Forti, Lisa Nelson/Image Lab, Steve Paxton, Karen Nelson, filmmaker Matthew Barney, poet Julie Carr, musicians Jeremy Carlstedt, Juan Ignacio Ferreras, Roy Campbell Jr., choreographers Miguel Gutierrez, Xavier LeRoy, and Karinne Keithley Syers, among many others. She is currently devising 900 Bees are Humming, NYC. Holmes is adjunct faculty at New York University/ETW and Movement Research. She has led Art as Experience events at MoMA, and assisted Simone Forti in reconstructing her Dance Constructions. Her teaching is not separate from her art-making; she brings her practices together in alchemy of experiential life and living.

dustin maxwell is a body- and movement-based visual artist who makes performance, drawings, films, and sculptures. He guides others through somatic experiences that alter states of consciousness. His art is informed by embodiment practices such as Noguchi Taiso, Butoh, Improvisation, Hatha Tantra, and his own self-devised rituals. Otherness, sexuality, spirituality, death, and the magic of being are themes central to his work and life. His work has been shown in Minnesota, New York, Germany, and Sweden. He holds a BA in dance from the University of Minnesota, a DIY MFA in process as guide from Melanie Maar, and is a 2019 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow.

Anat Shamgar is a dancer and a dance-maker based in Jerusalem. She is an active performer of solo works and collaborations. Collaborations with sound and other artists invite an opportunity for experiencing the “other” for merging languages and finding the coexistence of differences. Shamgar has performed at the Montpelier Dance Festival, Podevil Festival in Berlin, New York Improvisation Festival, the Israel Festival, Room Dance Festival, and numerous other festivals and venues. She has been a faculty member of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance since 1991 and heads the Choreography Program and Movement Department.


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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