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May 12, 2019: Doug LeCours; Daniel Lepkoff & Sakura Shimada; Kota Yamazaki

6:00 pm


Photo credits: left - Doug LeCours, photo by Jessie Young; center - Kota Yamazaki, photo by Bozzo; right - Daniel Lepkoff (shadow) and Sakura Shimada (right), photo by Rita Fazakas

Photo credits: left - Doug LeCours, photo by Jessie Young; center - Kota Yamazaki, photo by Bozzo; right - Daniel Lepkoff (shadow) and Sakura Shimada (right), photo by Rita Fazakas


Sundays on Broadway and co-curators Cathy Weis & Emily Climer present a shared evening of performances by Doug LeCours, Daniel Lepkoff and Sakura Shimada, and Kota Yamazaki.

Fraying Tether is a duet choreographed by Doug LeCours and performed with Anna Witenberg. The work engages systems of energetic counterpoint in which bodies posture and preen, orbiting one another until they ultimately collide. Beneath the dance runs a network of sensorial communication, a subtextual tethering that produces a restless, shifting dance between attraction and repulsion.

Daniel Lepkoff and Sakura Shimada present Sensing as Conversation. The voice of imagination living in the body. Conjuring forces circulating through the time, place, and circumstances of the performance event, transformed and channeled. A communication. Their work is based on their research into how our bodies function, our physical interactions with the environment, and how our perceptions and images act through the moving body to express our understandings and desires. The performance is itself a movement practice based on the same techniques they practice walking on the roads, around their house and in their regular visits to the studio.

Kota Yamazki will present a solo—a reflection and echo of his latest work Darkness Odyssey Part 3: Non-Opera, Becoming. The work deals with the schizophrenic and slippery nature of man's identity and constant emergence of the “other-selves,” while being engaged in the act of “becoming” without becoming anything.

537 Broadway, #3
All events begin at 6:00 pm – doors open at 5:45 pm.
No reservations. No late seating.
$10 suggested contribution.

Keep in mind, this is a small space. Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

Please be advised: Due to repairs, the elevator will not be available this season. All audience members must use the stairs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Artists' Bios:

Doug LeCours is a Brooklyn-based artist working across choreography, performance, and video. His work has been presented in NYC by AUNTS, Center for Performance Research, New York Live Arts, and Underdonk Gallery, and nationally at Satellite Art Show (Miami, FL), Yeah Maybe Gallery (Minneapolis, MN), and the Northampton Community Arts Trust (Northampton, MA). He has been a resident artist at Chez Bushwick and New York Live Arts (Fresh Tracks 2016-17). His collaborations with Sara Gibbons as the duo TALL GIRLS DANCING have been presented by Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Center for Performance Research, and Movement Research at the Judson Church. As a performer, he has worked with many choreographers and directors including Keely Garfield, Catherine Galasso, Julie Mayo, RoseAnne Spradlin, and Ash R.T. Yergens. He holds a BA from Middlebury College.

Beginning in the early '70's Daniel Lepkoff played a central role in the development of Release Technique with John Rolland and Mary Fulkerson, and Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton. Through workshops, collaborations, performance projects, and personal movement research, Daniel has continued to expand and deepen this function approach to movement research. As a performer he is known for composing dances that arises from the process of living movement; as a teacher for his imagination and continual invention of original techniques, making direct contact with information and pursuing his own research and questions together with students. His work looks at movement from life, a vision of living in an ongoing spontaneous physical dialogue with the environment. His approach explores the form and composition of these interactions. He is one of the founders of Movement Research in NYC.

Sakura Shimada started to dance at age 7 in Japan where she is from. She has moved to US in 1997 and studied various dance techniques in NY city. She was a movement research Artist In Residency at Movement Research in 2008. She met Daniel in 2001 since then she has been studying and working with him internationally. She is a certified teacher of DanceAbility trained in Bogota 2005. She is also a certified Feldenkrais practitioner graduated from Feldenkrais institute in 2017. She lives in VT over 10 years and enjoy dancing, swimming, skiing, gardening, being in the nature and researching on human functioning.

Born in Niigata, Japan, Kota Yamazaki (Choreographer) was first introduced to butoh under the teaching of Akira Kasai at the age of 18. With the invitation from Germain Acogny to create a work FAGAALA in collaboration with her Senegal-based company, Yamazaki disbanded his Tokyo-based company rosy co., which he led from 1995-2001. Since 2003, Yamazaki with New York-based Fluid hug-hug has been presenting work nationally and internationally. Yamazaki is a recipient of the Bessie Award of 2007, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award of 2013, NYFA Fellowship of 2016, and Guggenheim Fellowship of 2018. Yamazaki currently teaches at Sarah Lawrence College.(


Photo credits: left - Doug LeCours, photo by Jessie Young; center - Kota Yamazaki, photo by Bozzo; right - Daniel Lepkoff (shadow) and Sakura Shimada (right), photo by Rita Fazakas 

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Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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