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December 10, 2017: A shared evening with Diane Madden, Juliette Mapp, Paul Singh and Ami Yamasaki

6:00 pm


From Left: Juliette Mapp, photo by John Jesurun; Diane Madden, photographed in the Torre Bonomo, Spoleto, in front of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings. Image © Tim Smyth; Ami Yamasaki, Photo by Tadasu Yamamoto; Paul Singh, Photo by Ian Douglas

From Left: Juliette Mapp, photo by John Jesurun; Diane Madden, photographed in the Torre Bonomo, Spoleto, in front of Sol LeWitt's wall drawings. Image © Tim Smyth; Ami Yamasaki, Photo by Tadasu Yamamoto; Paul Singh, Photo by Ian Douglas

Diane Madden is looking forward to discovering and sharing what’s interesting to her now as a soloist. Making phrase material? Improvising? Both? Silence? Sound? All TBD.

Juliette Mapp will be showing a solo work-in-progress tentatively titled Half Life.

Paul Singh will present a serious and technical movement study concerned with unraveling the constant architectures that keep people alike, even amidst the current events that literally tear us apart. A short duet that lets the bodies do the talking, while the words win and fail us.

Ami Yamasaki will present Voice, Boundary, Gravity. Using the simplest definition of 'voice', she refers to it as a physical phenomenon that exists externally from our bodies and is a vibration that shakes the air. Even though her voice is a sound that she preliminarily produces, once it is uttered it exists independently, with its own body and embodiment. In this piece, she explores the relationship between sound, boundary and gravity in the context of voice.


Sundays on Broadway events begin at 6:00 pm. Doors open at 5:45 pm at About Weisacres. Keep in mind, this is a small space. Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

Sundays on Broadway events are free and open to the public.

Artists' bios:

Diane Madden started: studying dance in 1973, improvising at Hampshire College in 1977, dancing with Trisha Brown 1980, then Rehearsal Director 1984 and Associate Artistic Director 2013. Studied, taught, danced for, and collaborated with many artists along the way. Started Aikido in 2007. Still doing it all.

Juliette Mapp is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer who has lived and worked in New York City since 1995.  Juliette was awarded two “Bessie” Awards; the first for her dancing and the second for her choreography.  In 2010, Juliette curated the Danspace Project Platform Back To New York City. In 2012, she was a guest curator within the Judson Now Platform and co-curated that year’s Movement Research Fall Festival Back to Basic.   She has written about her teaching, performing and choreographic practices in the Performing Arts Journal, The Movement Research Performance Journal and the European Journal SARMA.  Juliette has been on the faculty of The George Washington University, Fordham University, Bard College, Barnard College and Hunter College.  Juliette has taught at The Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at the New School since 2010.  Juliette has an on-going teaching practice at Movement Research in New York City and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.  Juliette is a professor in the profile area of Concept and Composition at the Research Department at University of the Arts in Stockholm, Sweden.

Paul Singh is a NYC based dancer, teacher, and choreographer. He has his BFA in dance performance (2005) and has been working and traveling ever since. He has some fancy details attached to his biography; if interested, just ask him about them.

Ami Yamasaki is a vocalist and cross-media artist from Tokyo. Yamasaki creates installations, performance pieces and directs films. With primal vocals and movement, she explores the possibilities of a deeper understanding towards the mechanism of the world. This year she has been invited to New York by Asian Cultural Council as its grantee. She mainly performs in Japan but also in the US: Sounds to Summon the Japanese Gods at Japan Society in 2016. Her main solo show includes Signs of Voices (2016, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto), and group shows include Tokyo Experimental Festival vol.09 (2014, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo), Exchange-planting a seed (2013, Aomori Contemporary Art center, Aomori), and Sonic City 2013 Liquid Architecture (2013, RMIT, Melbourne). Her work is diverse and prolific, ranging from collaborations with Keiji Haino, Yasunori Ikunishi, Akira Sakata, and Dairo Suga, to workshops at The National Museum of Art Osaka, Arts Maebashi, and Sapporo City Kojo elementary school, as well as television and film appearances as a narrator and voice foley for “MORIBITO Ⅱ” (NHK, 2017) and Hayao Miyazaki’s latest short film (Ghibli, 2017). She presented a TEDx talk at TEDxTokyo yz in 2016.


Sundays at 6pm


537 Broadway #3
New York, NY 10012


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